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Privacy policy The Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events specializes in the care of culture, arts and heritage affairs, preserving folklore, national, national and Islamic heritage from the heritage, highlighting its characteristics and preparing studies and research related to it, organizing events and celebrating national occasions, authorizing the creation of artistic groups, authorizing the creation and ownership of radio broadcasting stations And visual and oversight of its broadcast material, issuance of licenses for publications, press releases and artistic works, and control over them, the promotion of youth, the development of its capabilities, and highlight its role in the performance of its duties, and raise the level of sports in the country It has to the extent of distinction, general supervision of the bodies concerned with youth and sports in the state, support and follow-up of their work and coordination between them, setting conditions and criteria for establishing clubs, centers, committees and associations for youth and sports, issuing licenses to them, and organizing the participation of youth in local and Arab conferences, courses, competitions, camps, trips and festivals, Arab And international, and caring for the gifted and talented and work to develop their skills, and contribute to the organization of national sporting events and events. The Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events is keen on protecting privacy and providing a secure electronic environment, and for this reason the Center does not collect any information about you when you visit its website, and in the event that you provide information with your voluntary knowledge, this information is treated with all seriousness, caution and privacy, and personal information is not used as Commercial, and the Center does not provide this information to any third party except in accordance with the requirements of the law, or in the event that another party has made inquiries similar to yours This means that the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events is responsible for protecting personal information on this site and other sites linked to the Center's website as well as applications related to the Center . Find out about our privacy policy and how we use your cookies. Last update: 28 Oct 2019 (A) this notice This notice explains and explains how we may process your personal data. This notice is issued by the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events, on its own behalf and on behalf of everything it follows and is affiliated with (all of this is referred to as the “Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events” or “we”, “usana”, “us” and the conscience of the speakers and the verb “us” It is intended for individuals with whom we interact and do not belong, including clients, our website visitors and other users of our services (together referred to as “you / you”). Section (s) below contains definitions of terms used in this notice. For the purposes of this notice, the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events is the right to act. Section (r) below contains contact information. This notice may be subject to change or update from time to time to reflect changes in our practices regarding the processing of personal data, or as required by law. We encourage you to read the notice carefully, and to follow this page regularly to view any changes we may make according to the terms of this notice. (B) Collection of personal data Collection of personal data: We may collect personal data about you from the following sources: The data you provide: We may obtain your personal data that you provide to us (for example when you contact us via email or phone, or by any other means, or when you send us your business card). Business relationship data: We may collect or obtain your personal data that is within the normal framework of our relationship with you (for example when you buy a service from us). Data made available to the general public: We may collect or obtain your personal data that you explicitly choose to make available to the general public, including via social media sites (for example we may collect information from your account / accounts on social media sites, if you publish a public post About us). Data provided through the sites: We may collect or obtain your personal data when you visit any of our websites or use any features or resources available on or through one of our websites. Registration data: We may collect or obtain your personal data when you use - or register for use - any of our sites, applications or services. Receiving information from others: We may collect or collect your personal data from others who provide it to us. (C) Create personal data We may create personal data about you (for example your records of your dealings with us). (D) Categories of personal data that we may process We may process the following categories of personal data about you: Personal data: the name provided, the preferred name, and the personal photo. Demographic data: gender, date of birth / age, nationality, language preferences. Contact data: messaging address, phone number, email address, social media account / account data. Approval records: records of any approvals provided by you, as well as the date and time, the approval method and any relevant information (for example the subject of approval). Purchase data: records of purchases and prices. Payment data: billing records, payment records, billing address, payment method, name of the card holder or account holder, card start date, card expiration date, swift data, international bank account number data, payment amount, payment date, check records . Data related to our websites and applications: device type, operating system, browser type, browsing settings, IP address, language settings, dates and contact times for a site, application usage statistics, application settings, application dates and contact times, geolocation data, and other Technical contact information ( (Some of which may constitute personal data), username, password, login security data, usage data, and collected statistical information. Employer data: If you interact with us as an employee, the name, address, phone number, and email address of the employer are used to the extent necessary. Content and ads data: records of your interactions with information and content on the Internet, ads records and content displayed on the pages or application screens shown to you, any prior interaction with that content or ads (including mouse movements and mouse clicks and any forms that you complete, including forms Incomplete, and any interactions with the touch screen). Perspectives and opinions: Any views and opinions expressed by you and / or you choose to send it to us, or to publish it publicly on social media. (E) The legal basis for processing personal data We may process your personal data and during the processing in connection with the purposes set out in this notice, we may rely on one or more of the following legal grounds depending on the circumstances: Consent: We may process your personal data where we obtained your prior explicit consent to the processing (this legal basis is used only in relation to the voluntary treatment entirely - it is not used in any way for the necessary or mandatory processing). Contractual necessity: We may process your personal data wherever processing is necessary in connection with any contract you may enter into with us. Compliance with the law: We may process your personal data wherever processing is required by law. Vital interests: We may process your personal data wherever such processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of any individual. Legitimate interests: We may process your personal data wherever we have a legitimate interest in conducting the processing for a purpose related to managing, operating or promoting our business, and so that it does not affect your interests, fundamental rights or freedoms. (F) Personal data is extremely important We do not endeavor to collect your extremely important personal data or otherwise process it in the usual context of our business. Where it becomes necessary to process your personal data extremely important for any reason, we rely on one of the following principles: Compliance with the law: We may process your critical personal data where processing is necessary or permitted by law. Detection and prevention of crimes: We may treat your most important personal data where treatment is necessary to detect and prevent crimes (including fraud prevention). Creating, exercising or defending legal rights: We may process your most important personal data wherever processing is necessary to create, exercise or defend legal rights. Consent: We may process your most important personal data where we have obtained - according to the law - your prior informed consent before processing your very important personal data (this legal basis is used only in relation to fully voluntary processing - and is in no way used for the necessary or mandatory processing). (G) The purposes for which we may process your personal data We may process your personal data - provided that you observe the law - for the following purposes: Providing services for you: making our websites or services available for you, providing you with the services you request, providing you with promotional materials based on your request, communicating with you regarding those services. Our Sites: Operating and managing our sites, providing you with content, displaying advertisements and other information for you, communicating and interacting with you through our sites, notifying you of changes in our sites or services. Communication: Communicating with you via any means (including e-mail, phone, text messages, social media, mail and personal communication) to inform you of news and other information that may be of interest to you, provided that these notifications comply with the law, maintain your contact information and update it when necessary, obtain Upon your prior voluntary consent where necessary. Communications and IT operations: managing our communications systems, operating IT security systems, IT security reviews. Health and safety: health and safety assessments and record keeping, compliance with relevant legal requirements. Financial management: sales, finance, and institutional audit. Survey Studies: Cooperate with you for the purposes of knowing your point of view on services or any other issue, on third-party products and services, and on other topics including news and current issues. Security: physical security of our headquarters (including visit logs for our headquarters and monitoring screen records), electronic security (including log records and access details). Investigations: Detecting, investigating and preventing policy violations and criminal violations, in accordance with the law. Legal procedures: Create, exercise and defend legal rights. Law compliance: comply with our legal and regulatory obligations under the law. Improving our sites and services: identifying problems that arise in our sites or services, planning for improvements to our sites or services, and creating new sites or services. (H) Disclosure of personal information to others We may disclose your personal data to the following entities: legal and regulatory authorities, our external consultants, our therapists, or any other party as necessary in relation to legal procedures, or any party as necessary to investigate, detect, or prevent criminal crime. We may disclose your personal data to other entities within the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events for legitimate business purposes (including operating our websites and providing services to you) in accordance with applicable law. In addition, we may share your personal data with the following: Legal and regulatory authorities, upon request, or for purposes of reporting any actual or suspected breach of law or regulation