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Preparations begin for QND celebrations of educational sector

As part of its preparations for the Qatar National Day (QND) celebrations, the National Day Organising Committee 2019 yesterday announced the launch of preparations of educational sector activities during its induction meeting with the schools.

The educational sector activities include the reception of H H the Amir, Ardat Hal Qatar, Qatar Debates, Ad Al Qaseed, Almasrah (theatre), Lmradah, and Aelami Al Mustaqbal (journalists of the future).

The meeting, at Qatar Women’s Sports Committee headquarters, was attended by directors of a number of schools.  The aim of organising these activities is to apprise the present generation about the meaning of loyalty and unity and educate them about the heritage and history of Qatar. It also strengthens the loyalty between people and leaders and increase the pride in Qatar’s unity.  

The committee said that the number of students participating in the activity should be 50 from each school and the deadline for participation is September 12 with the need for consent from parents of students.

The committee will provide costumes and swords and all necessary things for students participating in the activities. It will also give cash rewards, up to QR7,000 for first places. The committee pointed out that there are special conditions for each activity.

In Ardat Hal Qatar activity, the participant should be a Qatari national and each school has the right to participate by only four students maximum and the school supervisor should contribute to the training of students under the supervision of the Qatar Debate Center.  Last year, 1,300 students participated to receive H H the Amir, while 560 students took part in Ardat Hal Qatar activity, 71 students in Qatar Debates, 288 female students in Lmradah activity, 390 students in Ad Al Qaseed activity, 129 students in Aelami Al Mustaqbal (journalists of the future) and 260 students in theatre activity.

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