Qatari Youth Forum – 3rd Edition share

Qatari Youth Forum – 3rd Edition   The Qatari Youth Forum aims to enhance communication and mutual dialogue between Qatari youth and those in charge of the youth sector, as it seeks to provide a space for direct interaction and express youth needs and aspirations to better understand the ways to support them. This will help in formulating a viable vision for the future that enables the state to explore prospects for progress in a manner that enables best use of youth abilities. In this sense, putting the high stakes on young people and motivating them to play an effective and influential role in the development of society is always winning the challenges of social activism as it is an act that builds confidence the ability moving towards the future. The bet on youth is a bet on creativity and activism in formulating initiatives and projects that enable the development of mechanisms to address the problems faced by society, and pushes towards the creation of potentials to solve them, whether it comes to the field of scientific research in its various sectors, or the field of technological effectiveness, or cultural creativity. Therefore, a society that does not promote and invest in its youthful energy, as it is vital energies is a society that lacks the possibility of advancing the path of progress and development. Hence, the Qatari Youth Forum comes as part of the wise state policy in encouraging its youth to produce ideas, and preparing them to occupy advanced positions in its institutions and structures. The establishment of the Qatari Youth Forum comes from the principle that the youth are the makers of the future and they are the basis in building the country. Therefore this forum is meant to enhance youth participation and creativity, motivating young people to act, building bridges of communication between young people and youth leaders, and exchanging experiences and knowledge.

Event Highlights

 Ali bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Arena, Al-Saad

 04 Feb 2020 - 05 Feb 2020