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Doha Islamic Youth Forum begins today

Doha: The Doha Islamic Youth Forum will begin today at QNCC, under the theme of “Youth is the power of the nation”, which is part of the activities of Doha – Capital of Islamic Youth 2019. 

The Forum which is being organised by the Ministry of Culture and Sports will continue until July 11, hosting around 90 young people representing 56 countries of the Islamic world, including 20 Qatari youth, participating in the Forum.

The Forum is organised in cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Islamic Youth Cooperation Forum, the youth wing of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC), and under the supervision and organisation of the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events. 

The agenda of the forum discuss issues related to youth including good governance and transparency among youth, importance of sustainable development, youth and social media, and diplomatic simulations. These discussions are accompanied by three workshops.

The Minister of Culture and Sportsm H E Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali, described the Doha Forum for Islamic Youth as “a unique event” at this particular stage where the Islamic nations are facing many challenges.

The Forum will contribute to the promotion of cultural exchange among young Muslims providing an interactive platform for youth coming from different Islamic countries to learn from and about each other.

“This Forum is an opportunity to empower young people by expanding their participation and initiative, building capacities and promoting cultural diversity as a value on which to build joint ventures and to connect young people from other countries and cultures,” he said.

The Minister added: “It is not possible to achieve sustainability without the availability of these elements and our bet on our youth is a basic value bet, emphasizing the central role of youth”.    

The motto “Youth is the power of the nation”, will be the theme of Doha, the Islamic Youth Capital 2019the throughout the year. For his part, Dr. Issa Al-Hur, Chairman of the Technical Committee for the Doha Youth Capital 2019, said the forum will be a great opportunity for young people representing about 56 countries to exchange ideas and discuss different issues.

For her part, Aisha Al Mahmoud, Director of Public Relations and Communication at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, said that all necessary preparations for the Forum, which brings together youth from the Islamic world, have been completed.

Muayed Al Qahtani, Head of Public Relations at Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events, said that the centre is keen to provide all the necessary supports.

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