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Diwan Al-Adam launched to enrich Qatari poetic culture

Under the patronage of HE the Minister of Culture and Sports Salah bin Ghanem bin Nasser al-Ali, the organising committee of the Qatar National Day (QND) celebrations has inaugurated the Diwan Al-Adam event to become a new platform for National Day 2019 activities. 
The activities of the Diwan Al-Adam, organised in co-operation with the QND organising committee and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented by the Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al-Arab”, aim to highlight and enrich the Arabic poetic scene with authentic Qatari poetry and to attract the distinguished poets, to achieve the vision of National Day, to promote loyalty, solidarity, unity and pride in the national identity of Qatar, as embodied in the celebrations of the National Day on December 18 each year.
Diwan Al-Adam is a special event for Nabatian poetry based on a poetry competition among the poets poetry and its citizens and residents in Qatar in four stages to prepare a group of poets to the final.
The event will allow the audience to interact with poets and with their poems, by being in a private theatre, through traditional means of communication or social networking platforms.
The competition will include various themes for poems, including specific ones by the organising committee, and free ones that will be made available for the creation of poets to highlight their poetic talents.
The event aims to encourage poets to innovate in poetic writing, to make a creative and competitive environment among poets, to develop the poetic scene, and to enhance the general poetic taste of poetry lovers and society in general as well as exploring and nurturing of young poetic talents, giving them the opportunity to interact and compete with those with experience and expertise, and the promotion of human values in poetic content.
The event adopts general criteria for participation, including the applicant being Qatari or resident in Qatar, and filling out the participation form 
manually or electronically.
The poet presents three authentic poems for the acceptance stage.
It is also necessary that poems highlight the vision of National Day, which is to strengthen loyalty and solidarity and unity and pride in national identity of Qatar, and deepen the 
affiliation among poets.
The event is available for poets from the age of 18 years and above.
The winners of the competition will receive prizes that reflect the keenness of the organising committee to support poetry experiences and to encourage poets to give their best, to serve the nation, support national identity and promote loyalty and belonging, according to the 
National Day vision.
The minister of culture and sports in a speech affirmed that the Qatari poetry is distinguished from the others.
The first Nabatian poetry book was published in the Gulf region in 1907 by the late Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed bin Thani, which indicates the value of poetry among the Qataris, noting that the Qatari poetry is characterised by its national, social and moral content over the generations.
The minister added that the Qatari poets continue today the message of their ancestors in providing meaningful poetry and committed to the original conscience, thanks to their attachment to the challenges of their present, stressing that Qatar will remain creator of poetry, which includes thought and sincere feelings and expresses the hopes and aspirations of the Qataris and inspiring for the 
entire community.
He said: “We promise you, that this event will be exemplary and pioneering because of its vision of the role of poetry in society and in the human building. The important prizes for the winners of the Diwan Al-Adam are only a means of supporting poets to be the most important event in the field of poetry not only in Qatar, but in the 
Arab world.”
For his part, Hamad Mohamed al-Zakeiba, director, culture and arts department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, praised the launching of the event by the organising committee of the QND celebrations.
He expressed his hope that it would be a cornerstone of the literary scene and a milestone in the creative march in Qatar in order to promote loyalty, solidarity, unity and pride in the national identity of Qatar, thus contributing to the deepening of belonging among poets.
HE Faleh Al Ajlan al-Hajri, adviser to the minister of culture and sports, also spoke at the event about the importance of the event in raising the creative level of poets and Qatar’s interest in poetry throughout its history.

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