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1 Cookies and Cultural Events Center Policy This is the Cookie Policy of the Center for Cultural and Heritage Events when using our website, or our mobile applications (including our iPhone and Android phones and BlackBerry phones), it is considered that we consent to our use of cookies and IP addresses and our use of other methods to collect data on the use of the site As described in this policy ("Cookie Policy"). Please read this cookie policy with the terms and conditions posted elsewhere on our site and our mobile apps. Subject to applicable laws, the Arabic text of this policy shall have priority over any other version in another language. In the event of any difference in the interpretation between the Arabic text of this policy for cookies and any translation thereof, the Arabic text will be used. What are cookies and what do they do? Cookies are small files that websites or applications save to your browser or device and "remember" that your device, whether it’s a personal computer or otherwise, has visited the site or application. We use cookies to provide you with a more smooth-to-use service by enabling you to use our website or mobile applications more easily and quickly. Cookies help us to understand whether you have reached our site through a search engine or any other way, and to know more elements of our site or our mobile applications that users accept. Cookies do not provide us with access to any other personal information saved on your device, whether it is a personal computer or otherwise, other than personal information that you voluntarily choose to disclose. Regardless of the cookies saved, for security reasons you must log in every time you want to log into the sections of our site that require registration. What types of cookies are used on the site? We use four types of cookies and they are a mixture of our own files, which we set, and the files of others, that our service providers set from others. The types we use are (1) necessary cookies, (2) performance tracking cookies, (3) functional cookies, and (4) marketing cookies. Here are details of these types: Necessary cookies The necessary cookies are used to allow you to fulfill your request to access our website and our mobile applications, navigate between pages, and obtain the services you have requested. The necessary cookies cannot be turned off by setting preferences on our website or our mobile applications. If you choose to disable it from your browser, this may prevent you from using certain parts of our site and our mobile applications. Without these cookies you will not be able to use the basic functions of our website and our mobile applications. Tracking cookies Performance tracking cookies collect anonymous information about your use of our website or our mobile applications, such as the pages you visit most or have any technical problems or not, and help us improve the way our website and mobile applications work. Performance tracking cookies cannot be stopped by our website or our mobile applications, and these cookies do not contain any identifying information about you. For example, we use performance tracking cookies to: (A) Familiarize yourself with the pages displayed and the browsing and purchasing behaviors to improve our site and our mobile applications (B) Learn about your use of our website and mobile applications so that we can quickly discover and solve any problems that may occur (C) Collecting customer satisfaction comments on our website and our mobile applications through questionnaires. Functional cookies The functional cookies allow the site to know your previous choices, when you return to our website or our mobile applications, this includes for example the user name, country, language or currency and did we ask you to answer a questionnaire or not and other personal features We use functional cookies, for example, to: (A) Recording your preferences when you make it clear that you want to display our website or our mobile applications in a different language or want to use certain settings on our website or our mobile apps (B) Remember your membership number in our center after you log in. Marketing cookies Marketing cookies provide you with ads that are more relevant to you and your interests, and are also used to reduce the number of times a single ad is shown to you and to help measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. This type is usually placed by our advertising networks with our permission, and you remember your visit to a specific site and then share this information with other institutions such as our partners and service providers to us from others in the field of marketing. In many cases, targeted or advertising cookies relate to some of the functionality of the site provided by other organizations. The messages that you receive based on this information may be, but not limited to, search advertisements, display advertisements, page display advertisements, electronic newsletters, emails, social media ads and other electronic means of delivering messages, including In it on our site itself. If you wish not to receive targeted advertisements, you can choose not to use marketing cookies with you by following the instructions outlined in Clause No. (4) below. How can I turn cookies on or off? Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can set your Internet browser to accept cookies