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Workshops and events are integral elements of the Knowledge Economy

Events in general represent one of the most important and effective means of communication on organizational and societal levels. This form of communication is one of the most important activities carried out by various parties to achieve their goals and spread their message and desired goals. Therefore, the making of various events constitutes a major element of the knowledge-based economy, as a way to develop and revitalize many commercial, economic, professional, touristic and academic sectors.

Here, the idea of ​​establishing a professional training program to prepare and help those responsible for the planning and management of events according to organizational procedures that are taken well in advance of events taking place. The logistics of such endeavor include the reserving of event venues and supervising all the work that will take place there. This calls for attention to the number of required workers, interior designers and other technicians.

Other procedures include determining the number and type of groups invited and targeted to attend the event, whether they are attending in their individual capacity or as representatives of institutions and companies. This calls to attention the medium of communication regarding dates and times for the events, whether to call, email or send SMS to them. Advertising in advance and setting the times and dates are important to inform the public. These dates can be announced through the websites, the official page of the event, or through the media, including social media.

The procedures also require the organization of an integrated program that contains all the topics to be discussed and presented through the events. These topics are divided into main and sub-themes. There is also a need to identify official representatives and speakers for the events, and they are selected according to the type of events and area of specialization. For example, if the events are for a film festival, the representatives will be famous actors and media professionals.

The procedures also include defining the objective sought by holding said event, whether it is a seminar, conference or exhibition, and usually that objective is the event’s slogan and is announced on social media, television networks, or other popular media.

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